Jessie Dearing Kinley & Myron M. Kinley

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Jessie Dearing Kinley & Myron M. Kinley

Rose Hill Cemetery Tour 2003

Jessie Dearing Kinley

1914 - 1997

Myron M. Kinley

1896 – 1978

Jessie was born April 12, 1914, near Blair, Oklahoma. She was the fifth of seven children of Durward and Melissa Womack Dearing. In 1931 she came to Chickasha to attend the Oklahoma College for Women and to become a teacher. During the Depression in 1934, she became a housekeeper for John and Marjorie Nichols who encouraged her to change to business studies. She earned a degree in mathematics, and in 1935, she became a clerk-stenographer for the Nichols in their Little Nick Oil Company. Following Mr. Nichols’ death in 1942, Jessie and Mrs. Nichols kept the company going. They continued to operate existing wells and also drilled new wells, earning a reputation of “playing the long shot.” They were the first to drill a “directional hole” in the Cement Field. Jessie described herself as a “gal in love with a job” and eventually retired from drilling activities in 1972. Through her years in the petroleum business, she met Myron Kinley whose occupation was battling fiery oil wells around the globe. Mr. Kinley had been born in Pasadena, California on July 4, 1896. They were married on November 2, 1958; he passed away nearly 20 years later on May 12, 1978. Jessie continued her education and earned a second degree in English at USAO in Chickasha. In 1995, she published the book Call Kinley, which was a collection of stories she wrote about her husband’s adventures in fighting oil well fires. She also had some of her other prose and poetry published. Mrs. Kinley felt a deep appreciation for the natural world, from wildflowers to wild wells. She was a great supporter of the Chickasha community, promoting the arts, music, scientific research, education of youth, and school events throughout Grady County. Mrs. Kinley died at her home on May 23, 1997.