Nick Nichols & Percy Nichols

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Nick Nichols & Percy Nichols

Rose Hill Cemetery Tour 2007

Nick (Frank) Nichols and Percy Nichols

Nick (Frank) Nichols, 1889-1966 and
Percy Nichols, (1892-1967)

Nick (Frank) Nichols

Nick (Frank) was born December 23, 1889 in Huntington, Indiana. In 1908 he left Andrews, Indiana and settled in Chickasha. He worked as a machinist on the Erie Railroad in Indiana and continued to practice his trade in Oklahoma. He and his younger brother Percy opened a bicycle shop business, called the Nichols Brothers, in May 1908. Mr. Frank Nichols died on a Saturday morning in 1966 while working in the family’s Machine Shop. Five sons, a daughter, and brothers, Henry and Percy, survived him.

Percy Nichols

Percy was born January 4, 1892 in Huntington, Indiana. He came to Chickasha with his older brother Nick in 1908. Henry, a brother of Percy and Nick, joined them in their bicycle shop business in 1919. They also operated the Nichols Brothers Auto Parts, Lock and Machine Shop on Kansas Avenue. Percy was a locksmith and was responsible for the lock and key part of the business. He was injured in an automobile accident, hospitalized, and died a few days later from a heart attack in 1967. His wife, two sons, two stepdaughters and his brother, Henry, survived him.

(photographer: Jeremy Macy)